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Were back! And how! What an amazing week it was. So many old friends and ofcourse al lot of new friends.

A whole week with Superstar B.V might looks like a great holiday (which it is, but hey dont tell anyone!) but ofcourse we worked hard. Not only did we had our selling booth in the vendor room, I also had to give a class of fast and impressive bodypaint designs in only two hours. I might do that more often...i know people are waiting for it but I never dared to give (more) workshops. Fabaic changed that fact.


And then there was The Competition: Oh my god did I have nerves! I worked really hard on my design and had help of lot of people. My friend Francois made me the basic wolfwig to alter. My husband Mario did the great pinnokkio and helped me with the mushrooms. It came around perfect, I finished my whole design at my model for the day: Karen.


And my dream came true: to stay on the stage of Fabaic with the bodypainting competition. And not only the first place but also the people's choice. Wow! I thank everybody in the room for that. I learned today that is was with a big mayority of points, it makes me feel very loved (our just my bodypainting, haha!)


If you didn't see the pictures yet, the body-art pictures will be added on my portfolio on this site. More pictures you can see on my facebook's. Personal, if you are my friend alreaddy: Sabine Gabrielle Vogel.

Studio Bien: www.facebook.com/studiobien


Thank you all for this great experience!


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    Francois Lemmens (maandag, 02 juni 2014 21:05)

    goe gedaan , je verdient het echt wel