Some people under us are lucky enough to have a friend who will message you one day to say she is pregnant and if you want to do something fun. Now that is talking Magic to an artist. It’s not often you get offered a pregnant belly and make something you would like to make.

So this is mine. I found a black and white sketch somewere online wich I really liked. I started al wrong, still thinking of the mom, I thought it would be prettier if I made up the colours. After two times of complete clean ups: I felt so bad for the mom because clearly, it was just not my day.

Everybody has those, I know I have them for sure!

For my last try before I gave up completely I told the mom-to- be I went back to the orginally idea using only black. Starting with the eyes, to get the rest of the face right. After this I got a dry brush and just shadowed the lines. Eventually offcourse some lines went wrong. When I took a babywipe to remove it I found out that the effect was exactly what it needed to be. From that point on the painting actually started to take form. Especially making the hair fall over the fishes is a one stroke babywash action. What a great technique!

The end picture told me that I have to trust my first instict, after all I needed only my black (163), some brushes and babywipes. It also told me you never stop learning and find new techniques an